Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Cow story continues...amidst bribery, scratches and battle scars

Everyone (else) wanted Cow's Royal Canin S/O this morning.  I guess they thought it was a new treat and yes, the vet told me it's tasty.  

Cow ate just a bit; he didn't seem to care much for it.  But he appears "normal" to me.  

He even urinated in the kitchen sink for me to see.  Yup, the urine is absolutely clear.  A little yellowish, which I was told, is good.  Cats' urine should be yellowish as it's supposed to be concentrated and it should smell too.  That means the kidneys are working.  That's what the vet told me.  

Then came the ultimate challenge of the day - feeding him his medication.  

After yesterday's extremely painful failed attempt, I had planned for Ming-Yi to take Cow to the vet in the mornings and I'd do the evening shifts - for the vet to feed him his medicine!  The vet knows how difficult Cow is, so he said that's ok provided it's first thing in the morning and the last thing in the evening so as not to disrupt their practice.  

But it's morning and maybe the "qi" and the atmosphere could be a little bit more conducive, so I thought I'd try.  Will make it real fast....and try my luck.

Pop!  The Prednisolone went in.  But Cow kept it in his mouth and started growling and attempted to spit it out.  

No, Cow, good boy....please swallow.  I kept rubbing his head (as advised by the vet).  I had cornered him into a right corner on the kitchen slab.    

Then I quickly dished out some Fussie Cat and bribed him.  

It worked!  At least I think so.....

Next, the antibiotics. goes nothing....

Now, this was the real battle.

He flung his head so violently, the (half) pill flew all over the kitchen....but I think (I hope!) I finally got it in....unless he so cleverly flung it out without me noticing.  But I searched all over the kitchen and could not find the half pill, so I think it was a small victory for me.  Ding!  Ding!  Ding!  Day Two Round 1 goes to KY!  And I have a battle scar to show for it, too!  We're talking about claws from four legs and a full set of teeth from a jaw of a very vicious Cow here....

 Here he is....feeling a little angry, I suppose.
Lesson: Never call a cat "Cow".  Try "Lamb", "Rabbit" or even "Fish", but not "Cow"!

 And two minutes later, he comes to me...a total pussy-cat. 

You didn't fling out the medicine, did you, Cow?
Or, did you?  

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