Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Sunnies come a-visiting....with 4 new friends in tow!!

Rozita called today, saying she would be bringing the Sunnies for a check-up and their first vaccination at our vet's.  

Hooray!!  I have not seen the Sunnies ever since they were adopted.

Also, a lady named Khomala had rescued 4 kittens and Rozita was fostering them.  Rozita was bringing them as well for a check-up.

I waited at the clinic for the Sunnies to arrive....

Hi Rex!!!  Rex remembers me...he mewed and licked my finger!

 Honeybear and Fox!!  Hello, hello!!

 I just had to have a photo with them.  
This is Rex.

With Fox

 And Bear!

 Here's Rozita and her daughters, Rizlynn and Sarah.

And here are the four kittens they are now fostering...

Get ready!

 They are all blue-points.  They all look like Bear.  And they all look alike!

 Fox's turn first.

 Our vet explaining things to Sarah.

 Sarah helping the vet.

 Rex's turn now.

 Fox is heavier than Rex now!

 And finally, it's Bear's turn.

Bear is now the lightest.  All three were dewormed and vaccinated.

The vet was concerned about Bear, since she remembers he had fits on the first day when I fostered them.   So, the vet put Bear on the floor to watch his movements.  She asked Rozita if Bear had a tendency to fall over. Rozita said no.  In fact, Bear is so active, and goes upstairs to Rozita's room to sleep!

I'm okay, Dr.  Don't worry about me...

And now, come the Bear look-alikes' turns to be examined...

 They don't have names yet as it is really hard to tell them apart.  This one is a male.

Apparently, according to Khomala, the mother and father of these 4 kittens are tabbies.  How could that be, we wondered.  But the vet said, yes.  It's absolutely possible.  It probably means that both parents had recessive (blue-point) genes.  Hence, all four babies are blue-points with recessive genes.  

 This is also a male.

 This cute little one is a female, but has diarrhoea.

 The two females.

 The vet said it's best to deworm them only next week as nobody knows their age.  Having opened eyes is not a good gauge of a kitten's age as the vet said she had seen kittens who open their eyes after 2-3 days!

 The two females' temperatures are a bit low.  Just needs to be monitored.  

 There, all done now.  The 4 kittens were really making a racket!

 They must be hungry...again.

Bye now, Fox.  It's time to go home...

Rex...bye bye.

Honeybear is already asleep!

It really made my day today...to see the Sunnies again and to see them so happy!

Thank you, Rozita, Sarah and Rizlynn.


chen said...

Maybe can call the 4 white kittens Eenie, Meenie, Mainie, Moe.

Huey said...

Ooo yes I like the names Eenie, Meenie, Mainie, Moe! Haha!

When I have my own place I'd love to keep cats, and make my dogs love them too. Hehe. It'll be fun. :)

azie.azureEn said...

fox do seems to be a bit round. haha :DD

oww the new 4 kittens are soooo cute. Bear now have 4 lil brothers and sisters. ^^