Thursday, July 21, 2011

Karuna has been previously spayed

Today was Karuna's scheduled spaying.  

Would you believe it? The vets opened her up and found that she had already been previously spayed. That could only mean two things - either a rescue group had got her spayed and released her OR she is an abandoned pet.  

But, Karuna, being old, did not take the anaesthesia well at all, so the vets quickly removed the gas and brought her out of the sedation. But while they had opened her up, they saw that one kidney does not look very healthy. This is attributed to old age. There was also phlegm in her lungs, which explains why she is coughing slightly. 

Her heartworm test turned out negative, which was good news.    

The vets had planned to remove the lumps during the spaying operation, but this was aborted as they did not want to risk leaving her under anaesthesia.

  Here's our old girl now. On drips, just to be safe. Her ear has been notched to indicate she is a spayed dog.

The vet says she is doing fine but they'd like to still keep her for a few days to treat her wounds. We have no problem with that, as long as the vet feels she needs treatment. We are in no hurry to discharge her. We just don't want to take up the space once she is fit enough to be discharged. There are other patients who need the boarding space.   

I was just thinking, IF indeed she is an abandoned pet, how sad she must be thrown out like this, and if Chong had not rescued her, she would have died.

I wish there were more animal sanctuaries where rescued animals like Karuna can live freely with lots of people to love them.

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