Thursday, July 7, 2011

Updates on Karuna


I have spoken to the vet, but the line was really bad, so this is what I've got.

The X-Rays looked good because it did not reveal any major damage.  The fact that Karuna is eating is, of course, a very good sign.  However, her lower quarter is extremely weak, and this cannot be diagnosed yet.  She did stand up, though.  The vet thinks there could still be some sort of minor paralysis, but there is no certainty of this yet.  

It could also be due to prolonged lying down that her lower quarter is so weak.  

The bite-wounds were really bad, though.  They don't even look like fresh wounds, the vet said.  This could mean she had been repeatedly attacked for days.  

Poor Karuna....

But she is in good hands now.  

Please send her positive healing energy.  If you are able to heal and would like to help Karuna, please write to me at for details.  

Thank you.

P.S.  I have not fed my Cow his medicine yet.....the smart fella is very elusive tonight....

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