Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Karuna is going for walks now

Karuna is doing very well.  The vets have even been taking her for walks!

 She just has this sad look, but the vets say she is not sad.  

Karuna, you always look the same in all the photos, can we have, perhaps, a different pose today? 

 Okay...that's a different pose...thank you.

Tried as I did, she wasn't really interested much in moving around.  Maybe I always visit during nap time!  

But the vet says she walks well and is healing very well.

Karuna is up for adoption....any takers?  

Karuna was rescued last week, in a very bad state, with about 10-15 severe bite wounds all over her body and a bad wound on her front leg.  X-Rays revealed that there is no major damage; in fact, she looks good on the inside.  The vets have been cleaning her wounds every day (which is all she needs).  Karuna eats very well and she is improving every day.  She is a rather "old" dog, so finding a home would be very difficult, but we are trying.  

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