Thursday, July 14, 2011

Taking Karuna for a walk

I decided to take Karuna for a walk this morning, with the permission of the vets.  The vet's assistant told me Karuna would get all excited, but only for two reasons - walk and food.  Since she had already been fed, I decided I would take her for a walk.

 Okay, girl.  Enough of showing that sad face.  You're going for a walk.

 Here we go.  She's so happy and she's not even limping.

 The wounds are healing very well.

 She has got these lumps all over her body.  They are adenomas (benign tumours, which may become malignant later?  We won't know.)

She's curious and happy, sniffing everywhere, and walking quite fast too. 

 All dogs love various kinds of smells!

 You see all the adenomas?  They are's may be also due to old age.

 That's quite a big one there, underneath.

Back from three rounds up and down the corridor (the rain had just stopped and the vet didn't want the paws all wet).  Karuna pooped too and it was a very healthy colour.  

She is friendly, and allows us all to pat her.  

She can already be discharged but the fosterer or adopter would have to learn how to clean her wounds.  

I came home and rang Chong, the one who rescued her and brought her to our vet.  Chong said the temple  Exco has agreed to let Karuna stay in the temple temporarily until an adopter is found.  Well, that's good news!

But here's even better news, I just had a call from my friend, and she says she would like to consider adopting Karuna!!

Are we lucky or what?  

Pray, folks, pray.....

She's going to visit Karuna at the vet's today.......pray, folks!

(I have been praying like crazy that someone would adopt Karuna.....)


ManekiNeko said...

Dear KY, I know Karuna's got a whole lot of things going on with her health, but in the photos I just happened to notice that her toenails are incredibly long. Is there any chance the vet could trim them before releasing her? It's something that a vet could do in just a moment but might be rather more daunting for a novice dog person, especially now that the nails are so overgrown. Just a thought, and I hope it's not too obnoxious! I will meanwhile do as you ask and pray that the adoption comes through. :-)

chankahyein said...

Yes, I noticed that too, and have told the vets. Thanks!!