Monday, July 25, 2011

Unbelievable news on the Popsicles!

And while we are still reeling over Devi's insistence on wanting Stuart back, Nandhini just sent WONDERFUL news!

Do you remember the 5 kittens dumped at my gate more than a month ago? They were placed in a covered styrofoam box (with a big rock on top) and were dying when my husband discovered them. We brought them to the vet. They were dehydrated and all having diarrhoea. Fed them water, kibbles and got them dewormed and Nandhini (bless her kind heart) offered to foster them. 

That time, I had just got the Sunny Kittens adopted and my family and my 6 cats said, "Aduh...give us a break, please....not another five!"  To be fair, yes, they need a break though I didn't need one. My cats get so stressed whenever I bring home any new animal, and of course, Cow and Bunny would just go on a massive spraying (territorial marking) spree and stink up the house. Last year, my house needed a new coat of paint as the territorial marking was....well, out of control (so many fosters last year).

So, dear Nandhini took them home and they had come with diarrhoea. Yes, the NO.1 kitten-killer - diarrhoea. But you see, vets will advise us on what to do, and it's all about managing it with proper diet and care. Nandhini works VERY LONG hours, sometimes till midnight, and yet, she managed.

ALL FIVE survived and thrived.

Then, our vet was so kind, he said once they are well, we could put them in his clinic for adoption. Nandhini brought two gingers and the two tortoiseshells. The two gingers were adopted on the same day. One ginger, Mr Lilo, was still having diarrhoea, so he stayed home with Nandhini.

And what's the good news now?

Mr Lilo has been adopted by Alex, and now Mr Lilo is the clinic cat!!  He's been renamed Don Don (in honour of Dodo, who had just passed away of kidney problems. Dodo had been the oldest clinic cat at Mayo Clinic). Isn't Don Don lucky? He has a vet in attendance 6 1/2 days a week now....what more can a cat want? Even we aren't so lucky.

AND, here's more good, GREAT news!

A family wants to adopt Mulan and another family wants Penny!! Both are tortoiseshells (they don't have the conventionally-accepted "good looks").  

    Penny and Mulan - to be adopted tonight by two separate families!

The adopters might want to know that Penny and Mulan are really, really "hardy". When my husband first found them, the three gingers were like dying, but these two were scaling the box, attempting to escape, and later, when put into the cage, they were scaling the cage! When I saw them at the vets, they were the ones who were very much alive. VERY tough cookies! 

Nandhini and I must have done something good in this life or our previous lives. Somewhere in our youth or childhood, we must have done something good....

We thank all our guardian angels and the families who have adopted the two gingers, Alex for adopting Don Don and these two families for adopting Penny and Mulan!

The FIVE Popsicles - all adopted! From the styrofoam box, to the loving care of Nandhini's home and now, to their forever homes.

And yes, there is rain, but there are also rainbows...


Anonymous said...

i am so happy that all kitties are healthy and happy. not sure if you remember Lucky the kitten i "rescued"...but he had diarrhea and unfortunately, he didn't make it :( i was devastated. i've "rescued" many animals before but this is my first ever "failure" and I'm afraid to try again...anyway, good job on the kitties!!!

ManekiNeko said...

Dear KY, many CONGRATULATIONS on the 5 popsicles all finding terrific homes! That's always great news.

And dear Anonymous (above), please don't give up! I have also tried and failed, and have had to pass by so many needy cats when I didn't have the resources to try. One day a cat or kitten will cross your path in dire need, and maybe you'll reconsider? It's worth a try, I think, even if they don't make it. *hugs to all rescuers*

Tortie fan said...

Mulan and Penny don't have de "looks"? To some, maybe, but many find torties' color rich, not to mention de "choi sern" mau, torties are also "choi sern" mau, so Mulan and Penny will bring much prosperity and happiness to their new owners, trust me ... I personally find torties to be very, very loving though sometimes a bit timid towards strangers. I love torties! :-)

Nandhini said...

:) I have been smiling all day. Nisha and her husband Afzan from Shah Alam will be meeting me tonight to adopt Mulan. While, Aimy from Gombak will be adopting Penny this weekend. Therefore, I have a few more days with Penny. I have never won a lottery' but this is way better than winning a million bucks!

Anonymous said...



jessy lian said...

Hmm....Aimy from Gombak will be adopting Penny?

I wonder is this Aimy same as Kak Aimy that adopted Princess two days ago, cos Kak Aimy also from Gombak.

If it is, then That Will Be Great! Little Princess will have a playmate & a step-sister. Yay Yay Yay!

Nandhini said...

Hai Jessy, yes its Aimy from Gombak.. she said Penny(new name: Gwen) will be with Princess' Im so glad all the adopters are really nice.