Monday, July 11, 2011

Updates on Karuna (doing well!)

Here's Karuna, folks...

According to the vets, she is doing as well as can be expected of such an old dog and one who was brought in in this state.  

The daily cleaning of the bite wounds continues.  Karuna is still weak, but she is able to walk to a corner to poo, and the best news is that she has a great appetite!

She looks pretty sad...poor thing.  I suppose that's how an old dog feels when she has no proper home or people to love her.  The bullying and attack by the pack of strays must have been very frightening and traumatic for her, what with the possible accident too (judging from the wound on her leg).  The vets said the wound can heal (no need for amputation....phew!), but it would take a long time.  

We are now looking for an adopter for Karuna (a very long shot, I know, but it doesn't hurt to try).  The vet says she can be discharged already, but the adopter must observe how the vet does the cleaning and be confident enough to do it every day.  Otherwise, we will still board her until a better time when she heals more.  

If you have the space in your heart and your home to give an old dog a safe and loving home, please contact me at

I am still hoping the temple will agree to give her a space at the back of the kitchen to stay.

Please help to forward this link....and who knows, a miracle might happen!

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