Monday, July 25, 2011

Don Don, former Lilo Popsicle, now official Mayo Clinic Cat!!

I went to our panel vet to settle our weekly bills and also to visit Don Don.  He is our former Popsicle (mistakenly thought to be female, hence, named Lilo by Nandhini!) who is now adopted by Alex, the vet's assistant and Don Don gets to stay in the clinic. 

 Don Don

 Alex says Don has some defecation problems.

 The vet will look into it, of course, but otherwise, he seems to be fine. He's also been vaccinated.

Alex very proudly says RayRay is looking after Don and has become a mentor of sorts to Don.

 Here's Ray with Don. Apparently, Don follows Ray all over the clinic.


 The Mentor and the Mentee.

 Alex says Mimi has not been friendly to Don. Poor Mimi, she must miss Dodo very much. They were sister and brother and were the original clinic cats when this vet bought over the clinic (they belonged to  the former vet-owner).

 Don, being the youngest, plays his part well....he pays respects to the elders and pledges allegiance.

 Don is also the perfect host. Apparently, he takes any new kitten around the shop!

This morning, someone had dumped a box with two kittens in front of the clinic. Sigh...again. But never fear, coz Don is here. Don has been taking the kittens round all day, playing the perfect, gracious host!

 Here is a shelf, they put food here...we can get some later, if we're real good...

 These two tabbies were dumped in a box, but Don is acclimatising them to the clinic.

Hey Mimi, cheer up!

We're really thankful to Alex and Dr Khor for letting Don be the new clinic cat!

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