Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Cow story....the novelty is wearing out....

My friend, CP, came over this evening to get a tshirt and we got talking, so Cow's medication was delayed till quite late.  Throughout our chat, Cow was nearby, trying to attract attention, I think.  CP wanted to do some healing on Cow, but he hissed and scratched.  

Yup, the Cow is back to being the Cow again....

So, medication was delayed till quite late.

Now, Cow was nowhere to be found.  I went out and called him.  

He finally came...I don't know where from.  

I wanted to catch him and bring him into the house, but he hissed and scratched..... Real fierce.  

Oh dear, looks like he's not going to humour me tonight.  

So, I brought a floor mat out and Ming-Yi caught him with the floor mat as protection and we plonked him into the carrier.

He hissed.  

Pill-popping was difficult tonight.  He spat it out, but eventually, we got the pills in.  

Looks like we may have to resort to Plan B tomorrow.  Sigh....24 more rounds....

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