Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pole and Cleo to the vet's

I failed to give Pole and Cleo their dewormer so it's off to the vet's today.

Cleo was happily lounging upstairs.  I had to take her and put her into the carrier.  So sorry, Cleo. Cow (who is Cleo's uncle) watches closely.

Then, I went out to call for Pole. Cow and Bunny had driven their sister, Pole, out of the house shortly after she had given birth and her kittens had weaned off.  The vets say these things happen because Pole's scent may have changed and they no longer know it's her.  Since then, Pole had lived as a community cat. She lounges at several neighbour's porches and comes back about 5 times a day for food.  When it rains, she always comes back.  

 Cleo in the carrier....whining.

 Pole came running out of the neighbour's porch.  Sorry, Pole, I have to take you to the vet's for your deworming.  Pole hissed at Cleo in the carrier.  Pole has always hissed at Cleo (her daughter) ever since she started rejecting her kittens after about four months.  But all these years, Cleo has always followed Pole everywhere, especially whenever Pole comes home for food. It seems to us laypeople that Cleo has a bond with Pole, but not vice versa.  Don't quite understand why, though.  

Cleo whined non-stop in the car.  Even Josh Groban could not drown her whining.  It was only a ten minute drive, but it felt like an hour.   

 Cleo weighs 3.6kg.  A good weight, the vet said.  

I asked if it would be okay to vaccinate Cleo and Pole since they are all related to Bunny (who is FIV+).  The vet said it was okay. Those who are confirmed FIV+ like Bunny and Tiger, we'd have to think twice.  Being from the same family, there is a chance that Cow, Pole and Cleo could be FIV+ as well.  Bunny was only discovered to be FIV+ at a later age when I offered him to be a blood donor. They have all grown up together, so there isn't much anyone can do about that. 

Another vet told me most cases of FIV+ is transmitted from mother to child. The incidence of contracting FIV from bites and scratches, according to this other vet (not our panel vet) is pretty low. The most recent research done on the bites-and-scratches theory was in 2002. That's just what I was told. This vet is from overseas.  She told me the bites-scratches theory is outdated.         

Dewormed, vaccinated, and Cleo runs into a cupboard in the clinic to hide.

Now it is Pole's turn. 

Pole weighed 3.4kg and was also dewormed and vaccinated. Both mother-and-daughter was difficult to pill; they swung their heads real fast to throw out the pill.  

I had thought Pole and Cleo would be so angry I had caught them only to take them to the vet's, they'd stay away from home for a few hours or even a few days.  Both are such sensitive cats.  Cleo left my room for two years when Vixey was here.  She is so possessive of my husband that if my husband so much as touches another cat, she would get angry and run out of the house.  That's a Calico princess for you.  

 My fears were unfounded because Pole actually followed me back into the house and she has been home all day now.  Here's giving Pole a reward of Fussie Cat.

Cleo didn't want to come in yet.  She lounged in the driveway.

I was supposed to take Indy to the vet's after this, but I could not find him at all.  He was right there, under a car when I left with Pole and Cleo.  I searched everywhere all morning but could not find him at all.  

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