Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Round Two....(with the foresight of "How to Give a Cat a Pill")

So, it was getting late and the clinic would be closed by 7pm.  Time for Cow's evening dose of medication.  

We attempted the usual method but as expected, it failed miserably.  I was about to give up and drive him to the vet's when Ming-Yi said we'd put him in the carrier and feed him while he is inside.  Good idea....

And if that fails, we'd put the carrier in the car (with Cow inside) and try.

And if THAT fails, we'd drive the car out (with the carrier containing Cow) and while one of us drives, the other will attempt to feed him the medication.  He's normally a bit scared in the car, so that might subdue him a bit.  

And if THAT also fails, oh well...we'll be at the vet's by then.  

So, that was the plan.

Step One - Catch the Cow.

We caught him and plonked him into the carrier, upright.

Hey Cow...good boy, Cow....good boy!
That's LOTS of coaxing and sweet-talking and PLONK!!  YES, the first pill went in.  

Now, the next one....
Oh, he wasn't fooled this time, so he spat it out.  And started growling already...

"Don't bite me, Cow", I begged, as I reached inside the carrier and searched for the pill.  Found it!  

Try again....

Finally, we managed it.  But we weren't sure if he flung the pill out.  

Never mind, let's take him out and reward him first.  

Then, we can check the carrier.

 A generous reward of Fussie Cat.

Check the carrier, quick! little white pill.

YES!  Round Two goes to us!

 Cleo comes in and wonders what is going on....

 Cow is never greedy...but the rest are.

 Cleo doesn't mind left-overs.

 Bobby would be the greediest of them all.

 And Bunny, of course.

Sweet victory for Round Two, Day Two.  

I sit outside on the swing....and Cow is near.

His urine is perfectly clear and normal now.  What a relief!

I was so proud of our success, I texted our vet.  He replied: That's great!  Round 2 to you.....26 more to go....

YES, I know.  One step at a time.  After all, we have built up a whole contingency plan for tomorrow....

Wait for the news, folks....and please wish us luck, coz we sure need it.


ManekiNeko said...

And just think of all the money you saved on beer and scotch!! :-)

Congrats to you and Ming-Yi, and as ever, best wishes to the Cow.

chankahyein said...

We rewarded ourselves with a bottle of Revive (er...compliments of the company at a freebie stand...ha ha).