Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Taking Karuna for a walk, etc.

After visiting Brownie, I drove back to Subang Jaya to visit Karuna.

The temple administrator said Karuna has been barking all day yesterday. And, apparently, a wild dog had come into the temple grounds yesterday. Harsha said that was the dog who had bitten Karuna. Harsha will keep an eye on this.

 I cleaned up Karuna's place, and Samma (Harsha's friend) brought some rice for Karuna.

Her appetite, as usual, is great!

 Yum, yum...dana food.

 I also bought her a can of dogfood, so I added these to the rice.
Double yums!

 After the meal, I took her for a walk at the playground.

 This is the playground where Karuna was found almost dead after she was bitten about 3 weeks ago.

 Karuna is on familiar ground again.

 Nothing like going back to Nature. Animals always feel more comfortable being with Nature.

 Karuna looked for a while down the cliff. Maybe this used to be her dwelling place. But I know there is a pack of wild dogs here.

We took quite a long walk and soon, it was time to go back to the kitchen.

I checked Karuna's wound. It's nice and dry and healing well. There were no other wounds on her.

Karuna loves company and soon, a girl came by. She says she comes to the temple with her grandmother. I told her if she comes by again, and if she likes, she could change Karuna's water bowl and take her for a walk but only if she feels confident doing that. She patted Karuna and Karuna was so happy.

I've also been discussing with another friend from the temple. We will take turns to visit Karuna and take her for walks. But of course, Harsha will be Karuna's primary caregiver. Harsha was not well today - he was having a bad toothache.

After about an hour, I had to go home.

Bye, Karuna! See you again soon, and maybe next round, you can have a bath!

On the way out, I suggested to Samma to move Karuna to the middle portion of the kitchen so that she can be away from the morning sun. It could be a little too hot for her.

I also met the temple's secretary, Bro James. Bro James says the temple will share part of the bill with us.

So, as it stands now, Karuna's medical treatment (which did cost a bomb!) is jointly paid by the Subang Jaya Buddhist Association, our AnimalCare Fund and there is also a contribution from Ms Linda Lim.

Karuna is up for adoption...any takers? 

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