Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Naughty Cow Mau!

Cow seemed to be feeling much better after the trip to the vet's (and the vet gave the first dose of medication too).  He ate his S.O. though he did not quite like it, but the best news is (and I hope this IS good news), he sprayed his urine for me to see (!) and it's been clear the last three times this evening.  No trace of blood at all.  

And, when Ming-Yi and I tried to give him his medication, gosh....he fought tooth and nail, I mean, claw.  Literally, that is.  

It was impossible!  If only you knew how fierce he is at home, and yet he is a pussy-cat at the vet's.  

I think I'd have to resort to bringing him to the vet's just to get them to feed him his medicine....for 14 days, twice a day....sobs.

But I'm glad his urine is now clear.  

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