Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Taking Karuna for a morning walk

Karuna seem to be much better now.  The vets are very happy with her progress.

The vets were preparing to do a heartworm test on her and if possible, they might even spay her today (or tomorrow).  Her lesions are healing very well.

The vet said I could take her for a walk first.

So, off we went.

 She's very well-behaved and happy.

Always happy for a walk.

Her fur is also growing back now.

I know it's a very long shot, but Karuna is up for adoption.  If interested, please contact me at  

Karuna was rescued by a friend, Chong, from the temple playground after she was badly attacked and bitten by a pack of wild dogs. She was a stray and now has no home. She cannot be returned to the playground as she is very old and another attack by the pack might just prove to be fatal for her. 

Her medical treatment is sponsored by us.  

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