Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Indy found! Safe and sound.

You tell me if cats have a sixth sense.....

My plan was to take Indy to the vet's for his vaccination after I'm done with Pole and Cleo. I saw him under a car and I thought to myself, "Indy, afterwards, I'll take you."

When I came home, he was no where to be found.  

He had completely disappeared.  

Then I had Weiwen's case so off I went to the vet's again and I told the vet I could not find Indy anywhere.  We even joked that he must have gone into hiding.  

It soon turned out to be true....or worse, I feared.  

I walked up and down the road from about 12noon until now (almost 5pm), getting a good tan in the process as it is a hot day today.  

I called his name, looked inside the drains, the dustbins, and there was no Indy.  

Pole and Tiger helped by following me.  Tiger even mewed along the way.  Cow observed from far.  

Bunny was sound asleep in his washing machine throughout. He didn't know what was going on.   

It was only half and hour ago that I raised the alarm and started texting my friends - Indy's missing.  Please pray that he'll come home soon.  

I called the local shelter and asked if MPSJ had brought in any cat.  The local shelter (which is MPSJ's cattery) said the shelter is closed today, so no delivery.  It would have to be tomorrow.  Oh dear...but MPSJ has not come to my area before, but you'll never know, right?  

So I finally decided to blog and make a public promise to Indy that I will NOT take him to the vet (see previous posting).  Just come home, Indy, I won't take you to the vet's.

After writing, I went out again, and walked up the road.

And there he was....right there.

He was in front of a neighbour's driveway, rolling on the cement, having such a nice time....

 Can you believe this?  There he is...

I approached slowly, in case he's suspicious that I might want to take him to the vet's.  I can't afford to lose him again. Please, no...

 I called him lovingly, and he came!

Hi Indy...Hi!!

Let's go home, okay?

I picked him up and he let me take him home.

 Reward, reward, reward...anything you want...Fussie Cat? Royal Canin? Eagle?  You name it, anything you want.

 Have to take more photos, just to celebrate and convince myself it's really Indy.

 Yes, it sure is Indy.
Am not, no.  This IS Indy.

 Yes, it's Indy alright.  He's safe and sound.

And I'm keeping my promise.  No trips to the vet's.  

 And Tiger deserves a good rest in his baby basket after having helped me all afternoon.

The one who didn't know what was going on all afternoon...Bunny.  Still asleep inside the washing machine.

 My most loyal furry friends who is always with me.  
Tiger and Bobby.

Cow, too....but he always watches from a distance.

And the mind-reader...the one and only Indy Jones.

NO more trips to the vet's.  I promise you.

(unless you're real sick, of course)

P.S.  Lest I be accused of dramatising events, it could also just have been a case of Indy having a long nap at the neighbour's porch!  But that nap sure caused me a near heart-attack....and five hours of searching.  And now, I only have 48 hours more to finish my marking...oh boy!


Ms.fida said...

Hehe notty2 indy...u make ur mum worried about you...meow its cute :D

chen said...

Cats sleep in the darnest places! Sometimes I get a great laugh at the spots they choose to snooze, but sometimes, I get really scared too because they could be dangerous places.