Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Cow and Mr Squirrel

Mr Squirrel (the tree shrew) has been frequenting my room these days, and I did wonder why.  In the past two days, he even brought his friend along.  It was quite a relief to me because I had not seen his friend for a long time ever since the renovation work started at the back.  I'm glad his friend is safe.  

 It is not easy to take photos of Mr Squirrel, so this is a real treat.

 Hi, Mr Squirrel!

 Er...what are you up to? 
(Sometimes humans are so stupid....)

 Why are you going behind the pack of food?

Oh, I see....this is why....

Cow and Bobby watch him as he goes about his business every day.
They don't disturb him.

Live and let live, right?  Mr Squirrel needs to eat, too.

These tree shrews have come to live amongst us as a result of our deforestation.  
It's only fair that we feed them now.

And how is Cow?

Cow has been doing quite well, but getting a wee bit reluctant to take his medicine (he throws out the pill about 3-4 times before I can "pill" him successfully).

 But when it's time for his medicine, he actually comes and calls me.  
My guess is the stomach and brain wants the Fussie Cat!

 And he is very happy after the eat-medicine-inside-carrier session.

Yes, he sure is happy....

Cow's urine was absolutely clear on the very night after I brought him home from the vet's.  I wonder if it was the work of the Placebo Effect.  After all, Cow IS a hypochondriac.  

They say that even for humans, 80% or more of the healing is due to the Placebo Effect (you believe you will heal, and you will, ie. mind over matter and positive-thinking).  Maybe it works for cows too!

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ManekiNeko said...

What an extraordinary job you've done in figuring out how to give Cow his medication effectively -- no electrical tape or trips to hospital or special tools required. Kudos to you, KY! :-)