Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Updates on Karuna

Our vet is very pleased with Karuna's progress.  It isn't often that I hear such superlatives from our vet, who tends to be very down-to-earth, realistic and careful in his comments. 

But Karuna IS doing very well.

All her wounds are healing and her appetite is fantastic.

One of my friends wanted to cook chicken and eggs for Karuna, but the vet advised against this as he does not want a change of diet at this point.  It might cause diarrhoea, which we all know, is most unwelcomed.  

The vet also said that Karuna is not aggressive at all; she is friendly and even though the wound cleaning is extremely painful, Karuna is patient and does not react negatively to it.  

What a great dog....

 Hey, girl!

Karuna stands for us to see.  Clever girl!

It is unfortunate that the temple caretaker is unable to look after Karuna upon her recovery as he says the wild dogs sometimes enter the temple grounds and would attack Karuna even if she could live at the back of the kitchen.  

Gosh....we now have to look for a home for Karuna and I have NO idea who can help (at this point in time).

It's not like we took on the responsibility of taking in Karuna.  We seldom take in any animal (without a rescuer) UNLESS one of us is prepared to foster the animal.  But Karuna was dying and was brought to our panel vet.  We just couldn't say "no" as that would mean we let her die.  We had to take over and give the green light for treatment.  

Can you please help us look for a home for Karuna?  We will continue with the daily treatment until such a time when we have a better plan for her.  

Thank you.

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