Friday, July 29, 2011

Karuna back at the temple

I was worried that Karuna might not have food to eat back at the temple today since she went back after noon (the temple devotees bring food for dana for the monastics, which is only for lunch), so I called the temple caretaker, Harsha, to ask if there was any food for Karuna.  Harsha, bless him, said he would go out to buy food for Karuna later.

Not wanting to take chances, I decided I might as well buy an 18kg bag of dry kibbles for Karuna as stand-by food, just in case they might not have enough food for her at anytime.

 Hey Karuna...I see you have a brand new collar?

 She is her usual self with her sad face...maybe it's a new environment and she is lonely. Maybe she just looks like this.

 That's the dry kibbles I bought.  Her appetite is GOOD.

Harsha (in yellow) and his friend were the ones (along with Chong) who rescued Karuna the day she was found dying with bite wounds all over her body. 

Harsha relates that fateful day and tells me how she was almost dead that day. She could barely move at all. I know, because when they brought her in, she was lying on her side, near-death. The vet thought she was already paralysed.  

 Harsha has a phobia of dogs (he was chased and bitten when young, back in Sri Lanka), but he is very fond of Karuna because she is very friendly.

I told Harsha to call me if he needs any help with Karuna. 

I've also told Harsha to put Karuna under shelter from the rain. Harsha will give Karuna her antibiotics twice a day. He seems confident of doing that. 

I trust all will be well.

We are still helping the temple look for an adopter for Karuna. If you'd like to give an old dog a new home, please contact me at Karuna was discovered to have been previously spayed, which probably indicates she was a former pet.   

Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

YAY for Karuna and to all those who helped her!!! one thing good i've noticed about those Sri Lankans, the tend to be very kind to animals :) thanks to all the Buddhist teaching!!

Karen :)