Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sunny news!!

Rozita sent photos of Rex and Honeybear the other day, so here's one of Fox today.  Looks like they are all so active, the only time Rozita can take their photos is when they have gone kaput after playing all day!

Gosh, that's really "gone kaput" alright!
Hey Fox!!

And there's great news from Rozita too:

The Sunnies have graduated to University Litter Sand Box. I can allow them to roam freely now indoor (definitely) without worrying that they would poo n pee evrywhere. If we see either one just suddenly run like there's no tomorrow to the laundry room, then that's nature come calling. Myself am not expecting that they would graduate so fast, but indeed they did. Am so proud of the Sunnies as now there's less soiled newspaper to be thrown twice daily :)

So am I!!  Thanks, Rozita!

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