Sunday, July 10, 2011


 Eh...who's this?

Why, it's Cow the Mau!

Cow has been extremely "cooperative" with our medicine-feeding endeavours in the last two days.  Today has been extremely smooth-sailing.  He actually came to us asking to be caught so that he could take his medicine....would you believe that?

He allows us to plonk him into the carrier, and takes his medicines (two pills) without any fuss whatsoever.  

Then, we heap praises on him and he gets a generous serving of Fussie Cat.

But now, I think he thinks he wants more....

 Campbell soup?  
(Yes, we bought some, just in know, rally, etc...)

Cow must be quite fed-up of Fussie Cat!!
I want whatever it is you're having, he seems to be saying....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

No, Cow Mau, Campbell or other canned human soup ain't for you ... got lots of garlic and onion flavorings, toxic for you ... Fussie Cat good enuf for you ... ask Mama for biiiiiig can or you don't eat your medication ... now is d time, she will give you anything except human food, big boy ... (wink! wink!)