Saturday, December 21, 2013

A titanic chain of events

mini-PC190226 mini-PC190227

Cow & Indy had been getting quite agitated with the PatioCats who had been hanging around the house because it had been raining a lot lately.


Yesterday morning, for reasons unknown to us, Cow mounted an aggression on poor Bunny.

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Indy thought he'd better just leave the room, to play it safe.


I had to intervene to break up the escalating aggression and save Bunny.

mini-PC200233 mini-PC200234

Is it over?


What's your problem, Cow?

Of course that's a rhetorical question.


Pole and Tiger were not involved.


Me neither.

Then something quite terrible happened last night.

The chain of events went like this:

1. Pole launched an attack on poor Tabs.

2. Cow then attacked poor Bunny, and this was a real violent kind of attack, the kind that was locked in battle.

It happened in a matter of seconds. I used the water-gun and sprayed at Cow, but it took at least 10 sprays before I managed to break up the fight.

Bunny had a claw/paw injury and there was slight bleeding.

I cleaned it with saline and applied iodine (which he licked up instantly).

mini-PC210239 mini-PC210240

Bunny seemed okay this morning.


That wound is already completely dry.


The two crazy black-and-whites were at the Stargate again, getting agitated over something out there.


Bunny stayed away.


I applied the Wound Protector (Willy's "Happy Bum Gel") on Bunny's wound and he seemed to like it a lot.

Bunny was given Vetri DMG last night itself and I'll be giving it to him for the next few days.

He hasn't licked the wound at all, so it probably means everything is okay.


Juliana said...

Oh dear. Sending calminh and peaceful vibes toward your household!

I hear that sometimes in-house aggression can be redirected aggession due to outsid sources they can't get to, I.e. they are feeling aggressive toward the patio cats but can't get to them, so the frustration builds until they snap at an innocent bystander who's accessible.

chankahyein said...

Yes, I think Cow & Indy are frustrated with the patiocats.