Friday, December 13, 2013

Tabs' daring midnight escapade...into Willy's territory!

What exactly led to Tabs' desperate escape into Willy's playground just now and caused us another near heart-attack?

Well, to understand, we have to start from this morning (I mean, yesterday morning as it's past midnight now)...

There was a war-cry in the garden this morning.


It was Indy turning on Cow.


Why have you been bullying my friend, Tabs?

Before Indy turned insane (it sure looked that way), I stepped in and broke up the escalating aggression.


Indy went away.


Tiger was THIS scared.


Tabs wasn't sure if she should be thankful or afraid.

Later in the afternoon, as usual, Tabs fled out of the room and was in the living room. However, all the PatioCats were also in the living room and soon, I heard aggression upstairs.

It sounded like Timmy, so I went upstairs and found poor Tabs hiding under the ottoman with Timmy turning aggressive on her.

Poor Tabs....

I shoo-ed Timmy downstairs and the fat one ran off.


Tiger was concerned, from inside the room.


Indy was pushing on the grille, wanting to come out to rescue Tabs.


Heidi and Vincent had come forward too.

We tabbies (from Tabby Inc) must stick together!


Oh, he did not run off. He was hiding under the chair.

I quickly went upstairs...

mini-PC120155 mini-PC120156

That fat cat frightened me...

Maybe all this was a bit too much for poor Tabs so at midnight, she just escaped from the living room and went missing.

We searched everywhere, but could not find her.

Finally, we saw her across the road, in the playground. Yes, in Willy's territory.


We got her back and gave her some food. You can't scold her when she comes back (or she'll get the wrong message, right?)

The poor girl - what do you do when inside, you're intimidated by Cow & Bunny and outside in the living room, when you thought you were finally safe, this fat cat comes and bullies you?

Naturally, you'll want to go join the underdogs (undercats?) and who might that be?


Or, was she just doing a victory jig as she finished her 7 days of antibiotics this evening?

In any case, we've noticed that Tabs tends to do daring escapades only when it is dark, which makes it all the more dangerous, so she's not going out of the room at night anymore.

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