Wednesday, December 25, 2013

In defence of the cat pillow box!!

Dawn Tan helped us take orders for our cat pillows (thank you very much, Dawn!) and she recently ordered 34 cat pillows through us!

Here's what happened when the pillows arrived at her office, which incidentally (and fortunately!) is very cat-friendly.


Pillow Galore!!


Ah Da, one of her office cats, goes for the pillows first, with the intention of kidnapping a few!

And meanwhile, Dawn takes a quick lunch break and by the time she comes back, her other cats (in collaboration with Ah Da, I'm sure) had "stolen" the two packs of silvervine powder Dawn bought from us! Yes, we also sell (by donation) silvervine powder, in case you wish to "refresh" your pillows after several months of usage.


Dawn quickly puts the pillows away....and luckily, manages to recover the two packs of silvervine powder, unscathed.

Ah Da already has his own pillow, of course, but you know what they say, "the more the merrier" and this certainly applies to cat pillows...for cats, that is. And if you cannot get the pillow, get the powder! A pillow is only as good as its powder, you know.

But by then, Dawn has hidden all the pillows and the two packs of powder...


 Never mind, Ah Da is content with just guarding the box then!


Joy E. Saga said...

Ah Da! Good luck with your 2nd attempt!

Joyce said...

So we have to sprinkle the pillow with the powder, where can we get the powder? I bought 3 pillows, and my 3 cats played with it for a few hours, after which they lost interest, powder gone?

chankahyein said...

Hi Joyce, They will only play with it for a few minutes, actually. Then the "high" is gone and you have to sun the pillows (especially if they are full of saliva), keep it away and reintroduce it after a few days. After some months, the scent may be gone, then you could refresh it with the powder. You can get the powder from us at RM7 per 5g. Poslaju charges is RM6. It also depends on each cat, how much the cat is attracted to the scent. Some of mine are not attracted much whereas some go totally crazy over them. It's an individual reaction.