Saturday, December 14, 2013

Bunny goes to the vet's (for his balding problem)

It's been months and I've been delaying this trip to the vet's as I thought it's nothing that serious - Bunny's balding.

Initially, I thought he was just moulting, so I left it as it was. But the balding continued, slowly but surely.

Today, I thought I'd better get the vet to check.

I had earlier checked out the subject of balding cats over the internet. Most websites said it could be due to one of the following: (a) flea-related dermatitis, (b) a fungus, (c) some sort of allergy (to something) or (d) depression/stress ("your cat needs a shrink!").

So, after breakfast, I had to interrupt Bunny's siesta at the Clubhouse.


What? A trip? Where to? 

I don't remember asking for any trip!


Why?? Where am I going?? Let me out!!!

Throughout the journey (which lasted 10-15 minutes), Bunny played his orchestra of low feline SOS-calls, rhythmically.

Luckily, we were really early so we were the first in line.

The vet said it wasn't life-threatening (phew!). Bunny was checked for fungus, and it wasn't fungus. It could be an allergy, but to what? Maybe to food? Allergies can develop over time. If Bunny has developed an allergy to certain proteins, I had the choice of switching his food to hydrolysed protein (which, unfortunately, is only available in two brands and both are kibbles). But the downside of it is that Bunny was previously prone to urinary tract infections, so insufficient fluids could lead again to that. Hence, it may not be a good idea for him to eat kibbles. Just imagine, everyone else eating Monge while poor Bunny has to eat kibbles? No....that would be a nightmare...for me. And we don't even know if it's a food allergy.

The vet said if Bunny was not FIV+, he could prescribe steroids to help alleviate the allergy, but since Bunny is FIV+, that's not a good idea at all. Steroids would bring down immunity.

Was it due to stress, I asked? But then again, Bunny is the bully in the colony, so...what stress? The stress of maintaining his position as the alpha, perhaps?

Anyway, the plan now is the following:

1. To use a defleaing product for a few months, just in case it is caused by some parasite. We started today, by applying Revolution spot-on. I pray it will not cause a bald/burn spot. I'm aware that if the animal is healthy, it is unlikely that the animal would have flea/tick/parasite infestation. But in Bunny's case, his immunity is compromised (being FIV+), so maybe that's why only he has this problem and the rest of the cats are all okay. The vet concurred.

2. If it doesn't improve, then, the vet suggested that I get RetroMAD1, if that's still available.

The vet also said that Bunny's eye discharge is probably caused by a blocked duct which could have happened during a previous (years ago) flu attack. To solve this, Bunny would have to be sedated for him to clean the duct and again, due to being FIV+, that's not a good idea at all, so we shall leave it as it is. After all, it's just a cosmetic problem.

And oh, bunny weighed 6.53 kg today. Now, that's an improvement from his previous 6.85 kg, isn't it? I am NOT game on giving him the Chitosan anymore as he lost weight far too quickly the last time. So did Tiger, and Tiger is also FIV+.

So, off we came home with the orchestra in full swing. The moment we entered the gate, the orchestra stopped (and were we relieved!).


Back on homeground...


If anyone should be stressed, shouldn't it be Tabs?


Tabs to Bunny: Oh, you had to go in this vessel too, like me that day? 


Bunny gets the most attention, of all the cats inside. That's because he demands for it.

So, why is he stressed, if he is, that is?

mini-PC140183 mini-PC140184

Later, I saw Cow & Indy ganging up on Tiger. Luckily the aggression did not materialise.

But here's how the Titans stress themselves out.

This happened a few days ago...

Yes, another taunting session at the Stargate.


It was Heidi, this time.

Not Timmy?


What??? Blaming me again?

I'm just sitting here inside my cage, minding my own business!

That's not fair. It isn't always me, you know!


I had to break up the taunting session before Bunny worked himself up too much.

But one thing good is that ever since giving him the Immunity and Liver Support herb from Petalive, his low-grade fevers have far.




I'm innocent...of all crimes.


And don't blame everything on me!

I'm a good boy, I am.

Timmy has made the cage his home. After all, it's his dining room. The cage door is always open unless he's dining.


 Heidi and Timmy are permanent residents at the patio. Heidi lives "upstairs".


Ah well, life isn't perfect. We all would have some problems here and there, but as long as life gets on reasonably well with no major disaster, we ought to be happy, oughtn't we?

I mean, what's thinning hair compared with earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions or the earth being invaded by a flesh-eating virus, right?


Joy E. Saga said...

My opinion. Bunny IS stressed. He needs to be reassured his position... where he was once the alpha and is now taking a back seat. He may be stressed with this change but we wouldn't know as we are not cats. Perhaps you can try adding Brewers' Yeast into his diet and I'm also thinking if Omega 7 can help.

chankahyein said...

Brewers' Yeast - ok! Thank you.