Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Willy's stories


I think Willy lives inside the drain right outside our house.


He is here for meals twice a day.

Sometimes, for breakfast, he is not hungry as he might have eaten at the pavilion. I've checked with Mukda and she says Willy does eat at the pavilion every morning.


Whenever I feed Willy, I would have to keep Mr Zurik away.


Usually, Willy waits for me right across the road, outside my gate.


Vincent chases him too, so I have to keep two tabbies away whenever Willy eats.

A Stormtrooper has his duties to perform, so you cannot really blame him.

One morning, I found Willy hiding under my car inside the porch. I quickly brought food for him and placed the bowl under my car but he ran off and hid inside his drain. If only the PatioCats would let him join the patio, it would be so much safer for Willy.


Willy comes for food even when it rains. Had to hold an umbrella over him so that he could eat!

I wonder what happened to his home...

Willy actually started appearing again coincidentally when there was a death in the neighbourhood. We heard a neighbour had passed away suddenly. Maybe Willy came from that house...

But Willy looks really good now. Gone are the days when he had diarrhoea and was skinny.

One day at a time. That's all we have.

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