Monday, December 16, 2013

Ginger has mild fever

Now, luckily I decided not to take any chances and to take Ginger to the vet's.

He has a fever of 40 degrees.


We were the first in line and Ginger was very curious.

But he was extremely stressed as well. He was mewing nonstop in the car and also at the clinic. I brought him in the carrier, but used the harness so that he could come out and walk about.


He wouldn't sit still while waiting at the clinic.


We saw Connie's advert at the clinic.

According to Connie, she has put up this advert in petstore and vet's clinics all over Puchong. None of the vets recognise these dogs. And there has been no response to claim the dogs. But the two dogs are happy and well taken care of under Connie's care. They even get walks three times a day!

Soon a lady came into the clinic and she was desperately seeking help for an injured puppy. She was speaking very loudly and Ginger was so afraid, he hid under my arm. I held him tight, but his heart was pumping really fast.

Inside the examination room, Ginger calmed down. He weighed 5.11kg. Ginger's gums are quite badly inflamed. The vet could not tell his age from his teeth, though.

Ginger's temperature was taken and it was 40 degrees. That's a fever, but not alarmingly high for a cat. An ear-prick blood test was done and it didn't show much (no nasty band cells). There was no blocked bladder either.

So the only conclusion is that Ginger has an infection but we don't know where the infection is. He was given a Clavomox injection that will last until tomorrow and we will continue with oral antibiotics for another 7 days. I would have to monitor his progress, ie. when he starts eating on his own, that's good. Clavomox would help with the gum inflammation as well.

He probably has ear mites too, so he was Revolution-ed. No visible flea dirt.

So we came home with Ginger mewing in the car. Poor Ginger was so afraid.

I had to rush off to work after that and when I came home...


Ginger had shredded the cardboard in the cage and pulled in an entire towel.

He's clearly quite upset about being caged up.

I took him out on his harness, put him on the grass and he seemed happy.

mini-20131216_084849 mini-GINGER

Big sister Rosie groomed him.

I hope it's nothing serious and he will recover soon.

To prevent the onset of hepatic liver, I would have to forcefeed him at regular intervals. I'm giving him Hill's AD.

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