Monday, December 16, 2013

Ginger is back!!!!

It happened about 10 minutes ago.

Ginger came back from the neighbour's roof!

I was calling for him from upstairs when I suddenly saw him coming towards Daffodil (Daffodil was still sitting on the ledge).

I quickly brought some food. Ginger was not interested at all. Daffodil came down to eat. Ginger remained on the neighbour's roof.


He didn't seemed hungry at all. And the strangest thing is that he did not jump onto the rubbish compartment top (which he always, always does), but he jumped outside.  I quickly went out to the road and found him urinating on the grass. So I quickly put a bowl of food near him, but he walked across to the other side of the road, away from me.

His behaviour is a little strange, so I went over and carried him back. He did not resist.


I thought I'd better cage him for the night, just in case something is wrong.

Ginger must be wondering what the big deal is all about.


Finally, Daffodil is now back at the patio.

She was sitting on the ledge all night while Rosie was mewing non-stop. Rosie kept mewing at the storeroom, so as small as the storeroom is, I searched 3 times, short of throwing every item out already. Of course Ginger wasn't in the storeroom.

Rosie was clearly upset, and it was heart-breaking for me.

My only guess is, maybe Ginger is adopted by someone and he's had his meals there and that is why he is not hungry. I can't be sure. The neighbourhood mailing list - no one responded except for one cat-lover who empathised. My neighbour responded to say he hadn't seen Ginger at all.

We'll see what I should do tomorrow, maybe take Ginger to the vet just to make sure he isn't sick.

For now, Ginger is back safe and sound.

Thank you, everyone, for praying for Ginger's safe return.

It was a nightmare for me - to think he could have been dumped in some foodstall or construction site. I have thanked all 3 communicators for helping.


P.S. I would truly appreciate your thoughts on this as I'm quite lost as to what to do - release him if he is not sick or....? I really don't know. He certainly does not look sick to me.

Updates at 12.00 midnight:

I just washed myself from head to toe as I was walking the back alleys beside drains that had huge rats when we went looking for Ginger just now.

Ginger is safe and sound in the cage and is asleep. I left some kibbles and wetfood in the cage and the wetfood has been eaten, but am not sure by whom because this morning, I saw Timmy put his paw through the bars of the cage and pulled the bowl to the bars, then bit by bit, he used his claws to get the food out and ate them up. Skilled, isn't he? So Timmy may have eaten up all the food because the bowl was pulled to the bars.

mini-PC150168 (2)

Ginger in the cage.

mini-PC150169 (2)

Timmy looking on.

No, actually, I'm guarding the food on the table up there. You see it? 


Heidi in the porch.

Stormtrooper Vincent is out on his sentry duty.


Sister Rosie can finally have a good night's sleep.


Mum Daffodil too.

And me too!

I'm too relieved to sleep, actually....

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