Monday, December 16, 2013

Ginger is missing

Updates at 10.16pm - I have contacted three communicators. One said to try foodstalls and construction areas. Just came home from searching all possible nearby areas that fit this description. We drove around and went on foot with torchlights. We could not find Ginger.

This morning, Ginger was sitting on the patio chair, but he did not want to eat. I thought he might be ill, so I caged him, with the intention of taking him to the vet's when it opens at 10am.

mini-PC150145 mini-PC150150

But after about an hour, I tried giving him some wetfood, and he ate up half a can. He didn't look sick, so I thought I should let him go. He came out, urinated and even defecated and everything looked absolutely fine. He did not look sick either.


Everyone was with him while he was in the cage. He slept for awhile, but later, tried to scratch his way out.

I didn't think there was anything wrong, so I let him go.

As usual, Ginger disappears after breakfast and will only return for dinner. He seems to have somewhere to go to every day, up the road.

At dinner time (4pm), Ginger did not turn up. Everyone had their meal. I kept looking for signs from Daffodil, but she seemed normal and not particularly worried or anything like that.

But I went out looking for Ginger.

I must have gone out looking for him more than 10 times now.

Ginger is missing.

mini-20131215_183913 mini-20131215_185507

By late evening, Daffodil was on the ledge and the neighbour's roof.

This is where Ginger always comes back from. This is his usual route.

mini-20131215_185700 mini-20131215_191446 mini-PC150167 mini-PC150168 mini-PC150169

Vincent also helped by going onto the neighbour's roof.

I have put up posters on both guardhouses and sent out an email alert to the neighbourhood with Ginger's photo. I've also written an email to ask the neighbour if he had seen Ginger.

I hope Ginger is alright and will return soon. I have checked with Francis and he said Ginger was not at the pavilion this morning. He was at my patio, with all the rest of the cats but he was not hungry at first. I even gave him Vetri DMG, but later, he ate half a can of Monge. And that is why I let him out of the cage. Didn't see any reason to cage him up or take him to the vet at the time.

My other guess is Ginger may have another house to go to and maybe they have sent him for X'mas boarding (something like what happened to Willy last time when Willy went missing for more than a week).

Please help me say a prayer for Ginger to be safe, wherever he may be. I'm going to wait for him tonight.

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jasmine ong said...

Sorry to hear this Sis. I'll pray for his safe return soon. Take care.