Thursday, December 19, 2013

And Ginger comes back!

This morning, I made a judgment call and released Ginger from the cage. He didn't have a fever anymore and he was whining to be let out. I figured caging him would only stress him out which would not augur well for his recovery. Moreover, the garden maintenance team was coming and all the patiocats usually run away when they come. Ginger would be freaked out if still caged at that time.

So I let him out with the hope that he would come back twice a day for his antibiotics.

He didn't flee when I opened the cage door. Instead, he just walked out and sat at the patio (which is a good sign). Then, he wandered to the garden, hung around and was up on the ledge and on the roof. That's his usual route.

After the lawn mowers left, all the cats came back one by one. Of course, Heidi was around all the while. She did not go anywhere at all.

Ginger was the last to come back and that was at 4.00pm, just in time for his medicine.


Here's our boy!

Hi Ginger!!


He had his dinner with everyone else. It was wetfood, and he ate some but did not finish.

I gave him his antibiotics first.

I thought he might be tired of wetfood, so I tried some kibble.


He chomped it all up happily.

That's a good sign - it could mean his gums do not hurt anymore.


Me no kibble food?


Me WANTS kibble food!!

Why no kibble food for me?


Who can resist Royal Canin?

It's still one of the most palatable cat-kibble in town, to most cats, that is.


Freshly filled water.

Then, Ginger sat at the patio with everyone.

And later...

mini-PC180215 mini-PC180216

He went back to his rooftop hideaway.

See you tomorrow, Ginger!!


Dayana said...

what type of royal canin kibbles did you give your cats?

chankahyein said...

I mix Fit 32 and Hairball.