Wednesday, December 18, 2013

When the lawn mowers come rolling...

Every month, the garden maintenance team come to keep our lawn in order, and when this happens, the patiocats run off (I don't know where, but everyone would disappear). Everyone except Heidi who isn't afraid of anything or anyone.

By the way, Heidi has got back her position as taiqi grandmaster at the basketball court now that Willy's confidence has been shaken by Mr Zurik.

But inside, Bunny & Friends also run for cover. Actually, make that "Bunny & Friends except Bunny".

So today, when the garden maintenance team rang the doorbell, Bunny was having a snack at the pantry with Cow, Indy and Tiger.

Sensing danger, Indy ran in first, followed by Cow.

Tiger wasn't sure if he should, but figured he'd better, so that was delayed action.

But Bunny - no, food comes first. Danger can wait. So he continued eating until I had to carry the whole Bunny plus bowl of food into the room...and placed Bunny+Bowl of Food on the floor.


Like so.

He continued eating, without a care in the world.


Tabs' safehouse.


Cleo had already gone "undercover" even BEFORE the gardeners rang the doorbell. Perhaps, even before they entered the housing estate, who knows?


Pole figured it's safe enough to be just inside the room. No need to go undercover.


Tiger was curious.


Indiana Jones?

You're hiding too?

What hiding? I'm not hiding. I'm doing "undercover" work.

Then, why is your hand on the stress-ball?

Shh....don't jeopardise my cover...shh!


The one who keeps everything in good balance.

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