Monday, December 30, 2013

Oh...Mindy Gretchen is male?

Today we made "history" - Willy and Mr Zurik ate side by side at the culvert without anyone bullying the other or one running for his life to hide inside the drain.

I wasn't able to take a photo as I had one hand on the phone (a kitten case just came up).

Dinner was peaceful...totally and after finishing his meal, Willy went across the road.

mini-20131229_162119 mini-20131229_162124

But soon, from down the road, we sighted Mindy Gretchen walking up....


Willy stiffened, Mr Zurik watched closely and suddenly, Mindy Gretchen leapt onto the playground (where Willy had gone to) and gave chase.

Willy screamed.... and ran for his life!


Mindy won....hands down.

Hmm....a femme fatale, isn't she?


Willy was unharmed.

I did not want to interfere but I was watching closely. It's good that Willy can protect himself and flee for safety.

mini-20131229_162218 mini-20131229_162228

As Mindy walked back to her territory down the road, I thought I caught glimpse of....her scrotum? Yes, it was a pair of scrota alright, unless my eyes were playing tricks on me.

Oh...Mindy is actually male? Now, why did I think Mindy is the black-and-white spayed female at the pavilion?

Then, we must call her....Marcel, perhaps?


Vincent, Daffy & Rosie watched in the safety of our porch.


Willy soon came out from hiding under the car. He's okay.


Timmy was....being Timmy.

mr g

 And we had a visit from Mr G!

Hello, how are you, Mr G?


The sweetest of 'em all - Ginger!


Chen said...

"Marcel" - are you moving on to French cats now?

chankahyein said...

Ha ha...I was trying to think of a male name starting with "M" and for some reason, "Marcel" kept popping up Marcel it is!