Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mindy Gretchen makes an entrance...finally!

Mindy Gretchen is the black-and-white Indy-look-alike who lives down the road. She eats at the pavilion and according to Francis, she's already been spayed.

Now, Mindy has oftentimes tried to enter our porch and she'd somehow be stopped or she's just not brave enough to stand her ground.

This afternoon, I heard the familiar sound of aggression-t0-a-newcomer at the patio. I tiptoed and...

mini-PC030097 was a black-and-white cat!


Yes, that's Mindy Gretchen alright. I recognise her unique tail.

Vincent, our loyal and ever-reliable Stormtrooper was doing his job.


You've got to give it to Vincent, you know.

He would make his Master Yoda proud. Not only does he do his job effectively, he does so in a non-violent way.

All you hear is the low-sounding growl of "Would you kindly leave my territory? I'm in charge here and you have no business to be here. Now, please leave..."

You will never see Vincent attacking anyone, biting or scratching. He's way above all that.

He talks. He negotiates. He does not threaten.

He is...Master Yoda's disciple. Yes, a Jedi-trained Stormtrooper to keep the peace.

So, Vincent managed to make Mindy Gretchen leave the porch in a dignified way. She wasn't chased out. She was merely asked, ever so politely, to please leave.

I left a bowl of food for Mindy Gretchen, though.


And while everything was going on, Timmy was hiding in his carrier-home.

Just watching.


Rosie watched the last part from the front door.


Why didn't you help Vincent, Timmy ol' boy?


Well, you job is to guard the Food Arsenal, remember?


The food's intact, see? I did a job good, didn't I?

Meanwhile, Ginger caused me quite a scare today.

He went missing after breakfast and all throughout the day, I could not find him anywhere. Everyone was accounted for except Ginger. Mr Zurik and Willy and even Mr G turned up when I was out looking for Ginger. Just as I was about to put up flyers at the guardhouses...


....he finally turned up for dinner!


I was so relieved!!

Ginger has a secret hideout to go to and we haven't quite figured out where it is, but he takes the roofways to get there because he'd always come from the neighbour's roof.


Happy Days are Here Again,
The Skies Above are Clear Again...!

And who says I'm fat?


jasmine ong said...

Yes you are fat Timmy boy. Your mummy just said that you flop all over. There's a blog post dedicated to your err...'physical attributes' yesterday :)

Akmar said...

Hahahaha!! Spot on, Jasmine! :P

kelly said...

yes , we got printed evidence about your "baby fat" ..hehehe. BUT to give you some encouragement , I think you did shake off a little bit or have you mastered the art of illusion when your mommy took picture of you ? :-)

Maneki Neko said...

I love Mindy Gretchen's furry paperclip tail! And yes, Timmy continues to look... prosperous. VERY prosperous. ;-)

Freyia said...

I like you have laser eye focus

jasmine ong said...

Timmy says:
"Back off people and let me be. I am one happy, jolly cat here :) By the way, this blog post is about Mindy Gretchen you know. Kindly reserve your comments about me and shift your focus back to her" :)