Friday, December 13, 2013

Catnip pillow mania!!

Morton (the Cat) and his buddies ordered 42 (yes, that's forty-two) cat pillows from us to be donated to their friends at the cat sanctuary in FFF for Christmas.

Thank you very much, Morton & Buddies!

We hand-delivered the cat pillows to FFF's committee member's office today...and ended up receiving orders for another 13 pillows because the cats at the office went all gaga over the pillows!

cat pillows at dawn's

Morton & Buddies ordered our Coconut Soap too.

mini-20131212_113846 catnip pillow Dawn's mini-20131212_164533

We decided to handsew the pillows today.


The mask is because of the kapok.


All ready for delivery!

Catnip MANIA!!!

Above: The quality supervision team at the PatioCat Pillow Company!

Hard at work...or HIGH on work??

To order:

Christmas is a time to bring joy to everyone, big and small...and furry!

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