Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ginger Day 2

The short of it: He's alert and active like a live tiger, but he's still not eating on his own. I'm told to give the Clavomox 48 hours to do its job. Or, maybe I'm force-feeding him too frequently, so how can he be hungry, right?

The long of it, in pictures:


He doesn't like being in the cage and he whines, so I have to let him out.


He doesn't like the harness either, but I cannot take the risk of him not coming back in time for his antibiotics.


So we sit outside and get some sun.


Then we come into the kitchen when I eat.

mini-PC170196 mini-PC170197

Of course, some cats are NOT happy at all.


Ginger has to be back into the cage because I do have things to do and I cannot lug him along on the harness with me.

Furthermore, he is very good at wriggling out of the harness (cats will be cats), so I cannot leave him on the leash (like you can with dogs). Just turn around and he'll be out. I don't know how cats do it, but they do it. It's chicken feed for them. The harness is already Ginger-fitted (from the last round after he got bitten by Mr Quack and again, by Cow). So, it should be Ginger-proof, but still...would you dare take the chance?

I dare not, so I have to keep my eyes on the harness...and the cat....at all times.

mini-PC170209 mini-PC170211

Sunshine is healing, isn't it?

Ginger, luckily the college exams are over and I can take leave to look after you.


Sister Rosie is always nearby.


Force-feeding at regular intervals to prevent hepatic liver.

I'm cutting down on the Hill's AD as it's causing him to have soft stools. The diet may be too rich, hence, the soft stools. Soft, but still well-formed. It's not diarrhoea.

Since he was whining in the cage, we locked all the windows and let him have a free run of the entire house, including upstairs.

But Ginger says the house isn't big enough for him...

mini-PC170219 mini-PC170220 mini-PC170221

Our live tiger NEEDS to get out.


He settles a bit...


He doesn't look sick. He's just not eating by himself, that's all.

But I can force-feed him and he takes it all.


Okay, how about some silvervine moments?

mini-PC170238 mini-PC170241 mini-PC170246 mini-PC170253 mini-PC170254 mini-PC170260 mini-PC170262

He's terribly bored so he explores upstairs, looking for a way out of this terrible jail.


A second attempt at breaking out, and he gets stuck...until I had to go out and rescue him.


He's just not happy at being confined.

Yet, I can't let him go until he at least eats on his own.

This house isn't big enough for you, Ginger?

Oh, you just want to go to your rooftop and chill out there?

A cat will decide what's best for him....what do we humans know?

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Freyia said...

Poor ginge, maybe its difficult for him to eat because of his swollen gum