Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ginger Day 3 - no more fever!

Ginger was up and about at 6.30am this morning, looking excited. Timmy accompanied him all night (or rather, the patio is Timmy's place anyway).

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Good news No. 1 - Ginger ate on his own!!

Not much, but he did, and maybe it's also because I added Primal. I think he is sick of AD and soft food.

I went to our regular vet for advice yesterday, with the intention of purchasing Lysine to boost Ginger's appetite, but the vet felt I should not. It's better that the cat eats on his own without any supplements, that would be a gauge of whether he is recovering or not. That made sense to me and the vet told me to give the medicine time to work.

Yes, I know. 48 hours. Okay...

Also, the force-feeding can be reduced because hepatic liver only happens if the cat is starving. Best not to turn the cat off food by force-feeding too frequently. True, true...

And it's 48 hours today!

Ginger is eating on his own now.


We went for a walk with the harness.



It's Mr Zurik...!

He had not come for 3 days and only reappeared yesterday, unscathed and absolutely fine. His usual Zurik-self.


Daffodil and Vincent let him in, but watched closely.

I suspect Mr Zurik is a Stormtrooper turned rogue.


He's got long legs.


Ginger was on the alert too.


We sat on the grass until sunrise.


With Rosie and Daffodil watching us.


Ginger seems very well already and wanted to explore.


I know, Ginger, you want to go up on your roof. This is his usual siesta place after breakfast.


We came back and I caged him so that I can take his temperature later.

Breakfast (and all other meals) had been a mess ever since Ginger took the cage because I could not cage Timmy and I think Timmy had been ransacking everybody's bowl. Well, everybody's except Heidi's. So, I had to feed Daffodil and Rosie again.


Ginger only drinks fresh water. That's freshly filled.

Cats are picky, aren't they?

We took Ginger's temperature....

It's normal!!!  It's 39 degrees, so the fever is down!

Hooray! Good news No. 2!


Monitoring the 2nd breakfast for Daffodil and Rosie only.


Outside, Willy has his breakfast.


Mr Zurik was being naughty again, so I had to bribe him with some food to stay away from intimidating Willy.


Willy wants affection too.


уходить, Mr Zurik!!


Willy only dares to eat when he feels protected.

Poor Lion King...


быть хорошим мальчиком, Mr Zurik.

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