Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tabs' temperature returns to normal!


Tabs' temperature is normal (39.1 degrees) so she only has to finish a course of oral antibiotics for another 7 days. This is provided there is no more vomiting. The vet gave another antibiotic jab today, which will last until tomorrow, so I start the oral antibiotics then. He did not want to simply administer another anti-vomiting jab since Tabs has not been vomiting.

The quick administering of the antibiotics (the injection) must have arrested that bacteria from causing more harm. That's our guess, of course. We hope we are right.


Let me out!! Let me out!!


I'm not a sick cat anymore. Let me out!

mini-PC050142 (2)

Back home from the clinic.

mini-PC050141 (2)

Meanwhile, our masked hero, Indy Jones aka Spider-Cat checks the perimeter, just in case Tabs' illness was caused by any foreign intrusion. You'll never know, you know...Germ warfare, maybe?

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jasmine ong said...

Happy to know that sweetheart is recovering well. She's her perky self :)

Hey Indy, it's just one of your feisty stunts up there again. Don't get mummy all worried about you as well.