Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tabs eats on her own

Last night, Cleo and Indy accompanied Tabs as she slept in the basket...


Cleo seldom ever shows any affection for anyone. In fact, she's totally unsociable and is a complete loner, but look at the picture above. She stayed there, in that sitting position for a very long time last night.

Tabs slept all night (I was still up until 2am) and this morning, she was her usual feisty and happy self. She sneaked out of the room as usual.


Ate the ID all by herself, but wasn't as hungry as last night.

Granted, she ate a lot last night, so I wouldn't expect her to be that hungry this morning. She even joined the rest of the gang for breakfast at the pantry, so I gave her a small amount of Monge+LeChat. I also gave her Vetri DMG.

This morning, I will be taking her to the vet for another check-up and we will see how things go. I hope the fever has subsided and the antibiotics is arresting whatever that is causing the infection.

mini-PC050141 mini-PC050142

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