Sunday, December 29, 2013

Willy, Mr Zurik and Mr Zurik's new kitten-friend!


Willy lives inside our drain, right outside our house.


Nowadays, he gets a can of Monge or LeChat for each meal.

Mr Zurik and Vincent are still out to chase Willy away, so the water-gun is a must, whenever I feed Willy. There was once I was duped - Mr Zurik came from the left and Vincent from the right. Before I knew it, Willy had fled into the drain! Poor little guy...I guess he's not ready to be the Lion King yet.


I also have to stay with him until he finishes his meals.


Only the water-gun can keep Mr Zurik at bay.


Willy is very friendly these days. He rubs himself on my leg and allows me to carry him too.

Meanwhile, this evening while we were on our way out...


We spotted Mr Zurik with a new kitten-friend down the road.

Mr Zurik was hiding behind a dustbin!

It reminds me of Mr Quack and all his kitten-friends!! Tough on the outside, soft inside!

By the way, Mr Quack is doing well. It's been more than a year now. He is still only friends with tiny kittens and avoids all contact with humans and other cats, including the adopter too. But sometimes the adopter manages to pat him on the back - and that's as far as it will go!

I went back to search for the kitten after coming home, but there was no kitten by the roadside anymore. Hopefully, the kitten has a home.

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