Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Willy may have a home after all?

I went out for a walk this morning and bumped into....Willy!

Hello, Willy!

He was just hanging around in front of this house (we thought the occupants had moved out, but now, it looks like their relatives have moved back in). So I guess Willy is okay and has a home.

 But I offered him some food, all the same.

This afternoon, I found him in our porch.

 I guess Starry was too comfortable to know that Willy was under the car.

 Starry LOVES the shoe rack and the shoes!

 Daffodil is always on the cautious side.

Well, can't blame her. She has survived more than 10 years as a community cat, she would be cautious.

 Rosie Posie.

 Timmy is VERY happy and contented on his chair.

He minds his own business and is friends with all and sundry.

Starry and Ginger, earlier on.

No fight broke out.

The Patio Family live peacefully and harmoniously.

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