Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bunny is still limping

The slight improvement is that at least Bunny joined the rest for meals yesterday.

A moment...for Cleo and Tiger.

But yesterday afternoon, a funny thing happened. Bunny called at the grille, "saying" he wanted to come out. So, we let him out and after hobbling around the dining area, he hobbled upstairs (yes, on three legs, poor thing) but we thought we should let him try instead of carrying him up. At least he gets some exercise as he had been sleeping a bit too much and that's not good for any obese person or cat.

So, Bunny hobbled upstairs and sat right outside my son's room.

Aww...whenever he was sick last time in the old house, he would always go to one of the children's room to rest. That would be their "sick bay".  Cow did that too. I recall one month prior to our move to this house in Nov-Dec 2011, Bunny suffered from "relocation anxiety" and he spent one month being holed up in the children's room, refusing to come down except to pee and poo.  How he knew we were moving, I don't know, but knew he did.

Cats...they have this super sensitive perception, don't they?

Last night, he didn't want to come into the room and insisted on sleeping right outside the door in the pantry. I think he "felt bad" because he had urinated on the floor the previous night, so he decided he would sleep outside. I didn't bring a litter box in as climbing into the litter box would have been difficult for Bunny, with only three usable legs to boot.

This morning, he was exactly at the same spot, lying on the floor mat.

 After breakfast, he went to the "safe haven", accompanied by good ol' dependable Tiger.

 Tabs has been keeping vigil on Bunny too.

It's touching that when one cat is unwell, the rest will rally around to give support. At other times, they fight and they impose their "1-metre radius" rule!

Bless the cats, they teach us so much about humanity and about knowing when to put aside our differences and prioritise what is important.

If Bunny does not improve by tomorrow, I will take him back to see his regular vet.

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