Monday, March 18, 2013

HOW did Indy escape?

This morning, we went out for breakfast and thereafter to visit my parents. We must have spent at least two hours away from home. When we got back home and after awhile, my husband saw Indy in the side garden, mooching around the plants and he seemed very "frenzied".

Now, HOW one earth did Indy get out?? And gosh, WHERE did he go throughout the 2 hours? I swear I did not see him slip out in the morning when I went in and out of the room. Or did he only slip out after we came home because I did go into the room BEFORE we spotted him in the side garden. But he was very frenzied and his body was hot, as though he had been in the sun for a long time. It was in the side garden with Timmy, actually. I wondered if the two made friends. Timmy wasn't scared or injured so I presume no fight broke out.

I quickly carried him into the room.

He seemed a little lost and disoriented. Then, he started behaving strangely and even tried to bite me.

This called for........

...the smiley tshirt!!

 He seemed much calmer after I put the tshirt on him and slept all afternoon.

 By 8pm, I took the tshirt off so that he could groom himself. By then, he was back to being Indy again. No more Frenzied Indy!

The question still begs: HOW and WHEN did Indy escape?

I guess with the enigmatic Indy Jones, we'll never know!

Maybe indy learnt the Houdini slip-out-from-grille from Tabs? Tabs has perfected it so well, she slips out at lightning speed, it's just too fast for anyone to see! Just now, she slipped out again and in 5 seconds, she had completely disappeared into thin air. After minutes of searching, I found her on the back roof, looking very lost.

Who? Me?  

Then, just minutes ago, I thought I heard cat's mewing somewhere on our roof. Within minutes, my husband (who was already asleep upstairs), came down, carrying Indy in his arms! Oh no, this could only mean one thing: Indy has found a way to escape from the pantry or somewhere.

But where??

We'll have to monitor him and block the outlet. But it's too risky doing it tonight.

 Shhh....don't tell Pole.

 We are locking Pole and Indy inside the room for tonight.

Until we find that escape route, we just cannot risk having these two escape.

Indy trying to claw his way out and complaining bigtime!!

On second thoughts, perhaps I should investigate, so I let Indy out of the room and followed him...

As he wandered around in the pantry and garden, I examined all the possible outlets but could not find any.

Perhaps it was this? I think my son had pushed the condo out from its usual position thereby making it possible for a cat to jump to the top (where the pillow is), then somehow, if the cat is lean and acrobatic enough, the cat may be able to jump from the pillow, twist his body and lands himself on the water pipe (but there is very little space to stand on since we had already fixed a polycarbonate piece on it). Assuming a cat could do that, then from this water pipe, the cat goes up onto the roof?

 Meanwhile, Indy was dashing around in a rather creepy way....

I decided not to take any chances, so...

 I locked him inside the condo.

 You stay in there and play with your Ultraman pillow, Indy.

Meanwhile, Pole was behaving in a strange way, dashing around crazily.

We have a name for this: it's call a "Dory" (after the character Dory from Finding Nemo!)

If only this neighbourhood were safe, I wouldn't mind letting the cats out for a romp. It would be such a treat for them to roam for a while. But I know there are cat-haters in this neighbourhood and those who would even go to the extent of poisoning them. So, I simply cannot take this risk of letting Indy escape again. The thought that he could have roamed the neighbourhood for two hours this morning already sends shivers down my spine.

Tomorrow, by hook or by crook, we shall find that escape route.

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