Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bunny's paw

Being FIV+, Bunny has always taken longer than the ordinary cat to heal from any ailment.

After 5 days of antibiotics (Clavomox and Metronidazole), Bunny can finally place his paw on the ground and walk on all fours. (Of course he chased the cockroach two nights ago too...shh!)

 The right paw is okay now, but Bunny still limps a wee bit.

At times, he still lifts his paw to show us that it hurts...poor Bunny Bun Buns.

One indication that he has got better would be that he started bullying Tabs again this afternoon.

 Otherwise he is fine, but today, he started sneezing.

So, he is on Vetri DMG now. That's the thing with immuno-suppressed (in this case, FIV+) cats, they not only take a long time to recover from any illness but when they are down, they get other infections easily and this is despite being given the added protection of metronidazole.

Get well soon, Bunny Boy!

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