Monday, March 18, 2013

Trying to decipher Indy's escape route and....he makes another escape!!

So last night Indy slept in the cage. I just couldn't take any chances of him escaping in the middle of the night.

This morning I asked my husband where he found Indy last night. According to him, Indy was meowing at our bedroom door. So that confirmed my theory. It must be the Pole-Condo route as the water pipe would lead to the roof if he manages to tip-toe on the water pipe, that is....

 From pillow on top of the condo (the condo was pushed out yesterday, not what you see above now), to water pipe, tiptoe along it...

...from water pipe, heave body onto roof. From roof, enter house through my son's bedroom window, from there, go into our bedroom and meow loudly for attention.

That must be it, and now, we only have to rewind the CCTV (which covers this spot) and confirm it.

So, after having figured it all out (or so I thought), I went downstairs and found Indy safe and sound in the condo. There would be no way he could escape from the condo as both doors have a double lock (a latch and a door-lift lock).

I fed the brood breakfast and let Indy free.

 Indy made a bee-line for the grille to check on the Patio Family (his No. 1 enemies).

 Then, some scratching...

I thought all would be safe now that I had pushed the condo back into its original position and away from the water pipe.

So, I went to the bathroom. I was gone only for one minute. No more.

When I came back to check for Indy.....

 O-H  M-Y  G-O-O-D-N-E-S-S!!!

How on earth did Indy land up here???

I am not baffled too often in life, but I confess....I am completely baffled now.

HOW did you get there, Indy???

He is obviously stuck and he looked forlorn too. Now, let me figure out how to get you out of this spot. Cut the netting and extricate him? As you can see in the photo above, he is stuck between two layers of netting.

Notice that there are also no pawprints on the wall, so I doubt if he scaled the wall. The inner netting has been nailed to the wall. There is no gap at all.

Anyway, we'll figure that out later, now we have to retrieve him from this embarrassing position (I know, it must be a great blow on his self-esteem...poor Indy).

I went to get the ladder but I had absolutely no idea how I would be getting him out of there.

When I came back...(you know, I didn't call him Indy Jones for nothing, right? How could the great Indiana Jones ever get stuck?)

 He had already unstuck himself (he must have wriggled out by himself).

So I quickly dashed to the patio to guide him as he looked a bit lost. I was so worried he would go to the roof of the house at the back and that occupant....(was not happy when Pole landed up on his roof more than a year ago).

 Here, Indy, here boy, here Indy....(I sounded like a mad woman. Yes, mad and totally desperate).

 Indy obviously did not share my desperation so he literally took his time to smell the flowers.

 Down below, the Patio Family was having their breakfast but Rosie was attracted to the commotion.

My guess is, Indy must be afraid so I kept calling him to guide him to walk along the Mr G Ledge Route so that I can catch him (if I stood on a chair). At one point, it seemed like he wanted to explore the neighbour's house. No, Indy, no, no, no, there are two dogs in that house and not all dogs are cat-friendly like Uncle Bobby. No, Indy, please, no. I think I almost had a heart attack then and there when Indy looked like he'd take a detour and jump down to the neighbour's garden.

I kept calling him and guiding him to keep walking along the ledge. The Patio Family must think I'm either mad, a complete moron or I'm insulting the intelligence of cats, but never mind. After all, Mr G and the whole Patio Family walk on this ledge every single day. It's their tour route.

Finally, I caught Indy. Forcibly. He tried to bite me and he scratched. But I caught him with all my might. He is strong too, but not as strong as Bunny (thank goodness for that!). But after I managed to grab one of his arms, he actually "dropped" from the wall over to the neighbour's side, but I quickly grabbed the other arm and literally yanked him over. He was growling and trying his best to scratch me so that I would drop him. I guess he wanted to tour the neighbour's garden. No Indy, that's a dog-house.

 Cleo, the observer of the whole hullabaloo. She was probably assigned to cover this story and give a full report to the rest.

Once caught, I quickly brought the struggling Indy Jones back to the room.

 It's definitely a one-day jail term for you now, Indy, but we will make sure you have everything you need.

Now, to figure out HOW on earth he escaped....if you have theories, please do share!

That corner is not covered by CCTV, so I cannot check.

Let's rewind and look back a bit....(I wish Sherlock Holmes were here!)

 Indy was found stuck like so. He looks "stuck" alright, doesn't he? How did he get into this position?

 There were no pawprints on the wall.

I have examined the "crime scene" so many times now...the inner netting is nailed down tightly. There are no gaps at all. I've examined the double netting too. There is no hole. In certain parts, the soft netting has eroded, but the new netting is intact.

Perhaps, the escape point is not here. It is somewhere else? But where? And if Indy had escaped from somewhere else, he wouldn't have landed himself into that defenseless position, ie being caught between two nettings, right?

  Tiger, you probably saw the whole thing...if only you could talk!

There are no gaps here. None at all. I have checked twice.

 I have also checked all along the wall. The inner netting is intact.

Could he have scaled the netting and climbed over? Most unlikely as it would have been too dangerous. I doubt Indy could have performed that feat...but still, he is Indy Jones. And a vet once told me that her grandmother's cats effortlessly scaled the cat-fence and climbed over freedom!

I believe Indy just wants to get out because he wants to know what the Patio Family is doing OR he feels it is unfair that they get to enjoy freedom whereas he does not. All this time, Indy had never made any attempt to escape. The great escape artiste used to be Pole. She's the roamer but Pole seems happily settled in now.

But we come back to the million-dollar question now: How did Indy escape?

 You're not telling, right?

Heh think? 

I guess I am more worried because it's Indy making the great escape. If it were Cow, Bunny or Tiger, I wouldn't be so worried because I know these three will always come home (for food). But Indy? Indy has a great tendency to be jealous and when he is, he will run away from home. His senses are also compromised since childhood because he was found heavily infected in the eye, ear and bladder when first rescued, so we think one of his eyes cannot see very well and maybe he cannot hear very well too (that is why when there is thunder and everyone is hiding, Indy sits nonchalantly wherever he is). Indy gets disoriented easily, so I'm worried if he escapes, he may not be able to find his way home.


Connie said...

Maybe he Indy Jones his way through the grille gap and climb the tree to make his way up to the wall ledge?

chankahyein said...

Let me check...(nope, no gaps at all).

linda said...

Are your plants sturdy enough for him to use them as a stepping board to reach the wall?

chankahyein said...

Nope. All soft and flimsy. And all cut short too.