Monday, March 18, 2013

Bunny Bun Buns chases a cockroach! Shh...

Poor Bunny...the paw must have hurt quite a bit, and being the "bunny" that he is, he didn't dare step on his paw until....he saw a cockroach and "forgot" he was injured! I saw Bunny happily chasing the cockroach all over the room last night and yes, he was using all four paws!

That's good news for us!  But right after that, Bunny began limping again....

After the romp with the cockroach (which escaped), Bunny limped back to his floor-mat.

 Earlier on, all throughout yesterday, he was limping all over the room.

 But he insisted on going upstairs because "all sick people must go upstairs to rest".

 I'm sick...sob, sob.

 Limping into my son's room.

 Limped onto the low cupboard to take a look outside the window.

 Still limping...sob, sob.

 Limped to the water bowl...with Tabs watching him.

 We decided to psyche him into realising that he can use the paw and he is well.

See the photo up there? His right paw (the injured one) is supporting his weight. Shh...(he forgot!).

 Tiger looking on from Bunny's fish-pad.

During ordinary days, nobody can touch the fish-pad. It's Bunny's. If you want to scratch on it, you have to get permission from Bunny first. Sometimes, you get it (the permission), sometimes you get attacked.

 Aww...Timmy is trying to make friends with Tabs.

Timmy has turned out to be an extremely good-natured cat. You just got to love this cute little (former dustbin) cat!

Timmy is also very special to me because he came two days after Bosco's demise. His looks and size were exactly like Bosco's. There must be a karmic link there...somewhere, somehow.

Remember Timmy used to be so very noisy? Well, not anymore now. He is very obedient and adorable. He has made our patio his permanent home and I'm so glad.

This morning, Daffodil (yes, the Madame herself!) was prancing all over my backpack. She was so happy and her prancing made her look like a petite little mousedeer. Maybe Daffodil wants to make friends too...with Cow Mau? Er...obviously, the Patio Family does NOT know the fury of the Cow Family!

For the sake of protecting the sanctity of precious lives, I cannot allow the two families to meet in close proximity...ever.

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