Thursday, March 21, 2013

Photo updates of Raven

Do you remember Raven? She's the little black kitten who came on her own to Bunny's Place late one night and refused to leave. She was full of mange then, and barely 2 months old.

Raven stayed with me (with Bosco as her "mentor"), her mange healed completely (thanks to a spot-on and daily application of Johnson's Baby Oil) and she was subsequently adopted by a dear friend, DT.

Today I alerted DT about the man who is looking for black cats for suspicious reasons.

And subsequently DT sent these photos of Raven. She's grown up to be a beautiful lady now (already spayed too).

Take a look:

 Raven with her best friend, Bagheera, lazing on DT's carpet.

Raven is the one without the collar. Doesn't she look simply majestic?

DT's cats are all indoors and very safe.

 From left: Diva, Raven and Bagheera.

Diva was also adopted through us. She is the brave little kitten rescued from the divider of the road.

Being able to find a good and loving adopter for our rescues is heaven-sent! Thank you so much, DT!


BoBo Salem said...

we remember Raven!!shes all grown up now
yay for Raven

The Meow Meow Family

Linda Low said...

Raven is really one ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan!

Adi Solikin said...

That is Diva?!! Woww so gemuk now <3

Bern said...

Such happy pics :) Raven and Diva...Peace and happiness radiating from the pics.