Monday, March 25, 2013

A visitor...for Starry??

It's all so coincidental, I was just telling my mother (who dropped in today with a batch of keychains) about Starry and Willy Orange, how they both appeared when a neighbour moved away. And how Willy had just "disappeared into thin air" after appearing with Starry for a few days.

We haven't seen Willy ever since. Of course I hoped he has been adopted by a family nearby.

Then, moments ago, I heard the sound of cats growling at the patio.

It sounded like a cat fight was about to begin and I was very sure it cannot be the Patio Family (they do not fight at all) or even Mr G.

It must be a new cat.

I went to check...

Oh my goodness...I couldn't believe it!

It was Willy Orange!!

He had come back and there was an "encounter" between Starry and him.

 I grabbed my camera...

He looks well, doesn't he?

 But it sure did not look like any happy reunion between them.

It was a close encounter of an aggressive kind.

 Starry appeared to be winning as Willy was moving away.

Timmy, as you can see, decided not to get involved. He's just sitting comfortably on his chair.

Starry gave chase, and Willy began to walk away.

 Indy is watching, as usual.

Poor Willy Orange... It's a "reunion" that did not turn out to be what we hoped it would be.

I went after Willy but could not see him anywhere in the porch.

The Rosie Family also decided not to get involved. Daffodil was just observing from the top of the car.

 I left some kibbles for Willy, just in case he comes back, but of course the other cats got to it first.

 Timmy is a very, very nice cat.

He didn't get involved in the fight but just came to look and gave Starry some moral support by "standing tall" behind Starry.

As you can see above, that's where the fight occurred - you can see saliva and urine stains. Poor Willy must have been so afraid. Starry was clearly the victor.

Luckily it was not a fierce battle. There was no physical contact at all. Just a lot of growling and standing tall (on Starry's side). Poor Willy, as far as I could see, was crouching all the time.

 For once, Starry is the hero today.

Look at him sitting majestically and looking victorious.

When Starry first came, he was bullied by Rosie and the rest.

Tonight...we see a different Starry.

Don't mess with me...I'm a star. 

But, isn't he your old friend?

But wait...that's only what we assume, right? Just because they both appeared at the same time does not necessarily mean they both had come from that house. We'll never know...and in any case, the past does not matter. We only have to take care of the present.  

 Everyone came back to the play it safe.

We're been under siege tonight. We got to stick together and protect our territory.

Starry stays at the helm.

A leader is born.

 Hey, what's going on out there??!!! 

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