Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The goings-on in Bunny's Place and at the patio

 The patio has been relatively peaceful...

 All the patio cats come into the house when I'm home.

Timmy and Starry are really friendly and they want to be friends with the occupants of Bunny's Place.

 We mean no harm. We just want to be friends.

Daffi comes in too.

 Except for Ginger, the rest do not really know how fierce Cow & Bunny can be.

Ginger has had a taste of Cow's fury which landed him inside the cage with 10 days of antibiotics.

But Timmy and Starry don't know this, and so, they do not understand how risky it is to keep coming to the grille, if only to make friends.

 Obviously, the inside people are NOT interested in making friends. Well, maybe except for Tiger.

 Indy seems to have taken over the helm in leading the offensive towards the patio family.

He gets all worked up, fanned by Cow & Bunny.'s Indy leading the way.

You could say that Bunny is incharge of "home" while Indy takes care of foreign affairs, so to speak.

 Bunny is more interested in bullying everybody within his Bunny's Place.

 He is bullying Tiger here.

Poor Tiger...

 And poor Tabs too.

She aways sneaks out whenever we open the grille. I've had to chase her to get her back as she would make a bee-line for upstairs and try to get out of the window and onto the roof. The poor girl is quite stressed out. I would like to let her roam around the house but there is no guarantee she won't go outside the gate and that is a risk I cannot take. Not when there are non-animal sympathisers in my neighbourhood.

 The mother-and-daughter team is okay. Nobody dares to disturb them.

 Bunny is still the boss as far as Bunny's Place is concerned.

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