Wednesday, March 20, 2013

All quiet at Bunny's Place until...

All afternoon, Indy was fast asleep on my table. The morning attempt must have totally exhausted him.

Then, it was dinner time...

 Pole is all muscle, isn't she?

 Her brothers, on the other hand, are..."prosperously endowed"!

 Indy is also all muscle.

This explains Pole and Indy's agility. It's all in the muscles.

After dinner, everyone went to the Clubhouse for their usual evening sojourn and all was well.

 Of course Indy was still looking for possibilities.

 I think Indy suddenly heard a noise...?

 Or maybe not.


 Indy soon settled down.

 But now, Pole heard a noise.

And so did I....

 It's Starry. He had leapt from our rooftop to the back neighbour's rooftop.

 Here he is.

 Everyone is on red alert.

 Possible intruder attack!! 

 Get ready to defend Bunny's Place, everyone!



 From the neighbour's roof, Starry jumped onto the ledge.

Agility and precision: Full marks.

 Everyone is either on red alert or wishing they too had such freedom to explore.

 Tabs too?

 It's okay, Indy. You're much safer in here.

How do you tell a cat such things? They would much rather live the life of the natural cat, I suppose.

Here's where we humans "interfere", but with all good intentions, of course.

 Starry has completed his ledge tour and is now at the patio.

 Tabs isn't too disturbed, though. She's happy-go-lucky!

I guess even a cat's life is determined by the cat's personality, isn't it?

Embrace the moment, live simply, do no harm and come what may.
Everything passes. This moment is all we've got.
Make it a good one!

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