Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Indy tries again...

As the saying goes, "If at first you don't succeed, try and try again..."

"Don't quit!", we are often told. "Take up the challenge, don't give up so easily!". These slogans have been shouting at us since time immemorial.

That being the case, how can we blame Indy for not trying again, right?

 So, after breakfast this morning, our masked hero went to check things out.

 He doesn't give up... Where is my launching pad??

He mooches around...probably trying to figure out an alternative plan.

 I'm good.

 Pretending to sniff the flowers, but the mind is working furiously...

 I'm happy where I am.

 Me too, me too...I don't do climbing feats, I do lightning slip-outs only. 

 Still waters run deep?

Failing to find a possible launching pad, the masked hero returns to the room and looks out.

Where is the Patio Family and what are they doing?  I just got to know!! 

Then, my husband says maybe if we let Tabs and Indy roam the house, they would be less likely to attempt escape. Maybe they just feel so intimidated by the Cow Family that they have to escape out for a breath of fresh air?

So, we let the twosome out to roam the house.

The two came out and starting chasing around happily, upstairs and downstairs and all over.

 Poofed after a game of catch-me-if-you-can.

Happy, Indy?

Me happy, me happy!!  Me is a happy tabby!! 

 We don't get to roam?

 What does this tell you?

Does Indy want to be friends?

Now that the Patio Family is vaccinated...maybe they can be friends?

 But let's not push our luck. Let's still keep it at a distance.

Meanwhile, the still waters checks out her previous escape route.

I knew it...from the way she was watching Indy do his escape yesterday, Pole would have got some ideas and inspiration already. She checks out her route. I do my own thing, I'm not a copy-cat escape artiste. Cats...it's all about dignity, ego and street-wisdom way beyond us mere humans.

 Indy visits the Clubhouse again...

 He seems content. Or is he, really?

 I'm content!

If only all cats were like you, Tiger....cat-fence manufacturers will go out of business!

 Pole checks out Indy's route.

I am well aware that the clothes line can also be used as a launching pad, albeit a bit shaky.

Gosh, if I have two of them attempting to escape, I might have to cage them both whenever I'm not in the house.

Much later...

 Oh no...he hasn't given up.

 Yes, I know he is going to do it again. I can see those muscles twitching.

Measuring, calculating....ready, steady...


My husband was with me and he told me not to stop Indy. Let him try and let him experience for himself that he cannot do it anymore. Otherwise, no amount of verbal persuasion is going to deter him from trying again and again.

It was actually all thanks to the nails being cut short that this attempt failed (thanks, Cathy!). Indy only managed to hook on for a split second and then, he fell down. It was a totally soft landing, thank goodness. As you can see from the photo, he cannot jump so high anymore because he is using this other shelf as the launching pad. Even IF he could have got a good grip, he would have further to climb and that might deter him...hopefully?

Should we remove this shelf? But it's Cleo's favourite look-out point....and Tiger likes sitting on it too. Let's see if I can get the polycarbonate done, then maybe this shelf can remain.

 Satisfied, after the failed attempt, he comes back to the room and sits.

 Why can't Indy be easily satisfied like the Patio Family?

Look at Timmy, he is SO grateful he has a chair as his home in the patio, he isn't going anywhere at all although the whole world is his oyster, so to speak.

Timmy, the ever grateful and obedient cat.

 Much later, the masked hero goes out to the Clubhouse again...

 But no further attempts were made...at least, for now.

 Perhaps we can have some peace for now...yes, for now.

Me good girl, yah?  

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Chen said...

Maybe you should add to line "Pretending to sniff the flowers, but the mind is working furiously…" "with Madamme Still Waters helping to work out new jumping angles and distances"